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Komodo Dragon
Komodo Dragon: Giant Lizard in Komodo & Rinca Island

Komodo Tours And Travel was operatin in adventure tours, especially Komodo and Flores Island. More than hundred people come to Komodo and Flores Island to visit the best adventure trekking destinations in the world. We are carefully reached all destinations by our personal experience.

In Komodo you will visit the last giant lizard dragons in the world, also the nature of islanders live and the traditional of Flores villages. Flores Island also offer you the opportunity to discover the interior of the tropical island which is wealth of beautiful country side, mountains, rice terrace, unspoiled villages and beaches. The Flores culture is both complex and fascinating, so please do joint our packages to Komodo and Flores Island.

komodo¬† Tours and Travel will guides you for an insight into the wonder of Komodo and other island around Flores. We will choose the best hotel accommodation and an air conditioned cars, companied by professional’s guides and drivers.

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